There's a certain humility to when a recall happens. It's a public announcement that an automaker made a mistake that they have to fix. And no matter how hard they try, it can happen to any model or brand. In this case, it's with the Bentley Mulsanne.

Bentley has announced a recall for the model regarding rear seat safety belt buckles becoming unlatched.

There is a reported issue that the rear buckles may become detached in the event of a crash. You know, the most important time for them to work correctly. As a result, the model doesn't comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards and a recall has been issued.

The good news (for Bentley) is that not very many Musannes were produced. Only an approximate 1,059 vehicles are said to be affected. And that's dating back to 2012.

Like with most recalls, the problem can be resolved by bringing an affected vehicle to their local dealership. There, a technician will strengthen the rear seat belt mounting and add another reinforcement panel to the body structure.

This has been a rough launch for the Mulsanne. It had another recall issued last October over a rear camera display issue. The camera display would have as much as a two-second delay. You can imagine why this might cause problems when trying to back your car into a spot.