We never thought we’d see a new car model that featured a tweed interior, but here we are. Bentley has announced four new cabin options for select vehicles, all based in tweed.

According to a press release on Monday, Bentley will be launching four tweed interior options for the Continental GT, the Flying Spur, and the Bentayaga. The options are part of the traditional leather interior options in the customization program. The four options are Cheltenham, Glen Plaid–Tolsta Beach, Charcoal and San Herringbone.

The automaker sources the material from Lovat Mill in Scotland. They explained that the company’s environmentally friendly production process was the main reason behind the decision. The mill uses no chemicals and has special, eco friendly looms. Even their energy supply is 90% renewably sourced.

Honestly, if anyone was to introduce such an old-school design, it’d be Bentley. The designs look admittedly well, even on new vehicles. Even so, we think we’ll stick to something less “classic.”