Anyone can invest in an electric car. It's for men and women of all backgrounds. They also offer a number of improvements over combustion engines. To help prove that point, acclaimed Hollywood actor and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger disguised himself as a car salesman.

This short video, produced by Veloz, wanted to promote the clean, quiet, and environmentally friendly nature of electric cars. To do this, they took established environmentalist Schwarzenegger, gave him a wig and a mustache, and let him loose in a used car lot under the alias of Howard Kleiner. The series is called "Kicking Gas."

Kleiner is not an electric man. He believes in big oil, in the power, noise, and smell of a gas guzzling truck. And whenever he comes across someone wanting an electric vehicle, he tried to talk them out of it. His arguments are a bit on the ridiculous side, like when he implies that pollution is a good thing since it will control the population.

In a separate statement, Schwarzenegger explains that he thinks this approach will be more effective than past campaigns. He believes that fear tactics are overdone. Folks no longer feel the same impact when they're told that the planet is dying. Instead, he wanted something edgy and funny, using comedy based on truth to support environmental change.

This is not the only Kicking Gas episode, either. The video series will be releasing additional episodes for at least six more months.