Another ex-Apple engineer was arrested by the FBI recently after reportedly trying to steal and sell self-driving technology secrets and fleeing to China.

Notice we say "another," this is because the same thing happened last July. But it happened again, according to a report by CNBC. ex-employee Jizhong Chen has been arrested one day before he was scheduled to leave the States on his way to China.

The investigation began after an employee witnessed Chen taking photos of a high-security area. This led to Apple Global Security searching his laptop (with permission), finding a large collection of files relating to Apple properties and locations.

Chen claims that the files were backups, made because of his recent inclusion on the Performance Improvement Plan in December. The investigation, however, revealed that these files were created prior to his inclusion. Apple also discovered that Chen had recently applied for a job in China with a rivaling self-driving firm.

Moral of the story: Don't try to steal company secrets from one of the biggest tech businesses in the world. This does make us wonder, though. When will we actually get a self-driving Apple car?