Despite it all, Apple is still insistent on developing their own self-driving car. And at this point, it's looking like they’re going to do it by themselves.

Over the last handful of years, Apple has been looking for a company to collaborate with over a smart car project. That’s probably a safe choice, since the tech giant has no experience in car manufacturing. There were reports of talks with companies like BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, and Toyota, all of which went nowhere. The head of the project, Doug Field, even left Apple to work for Ford.

But instead of throwing in the towel, Apple is moving forward anyway. According to sources with Korean newspaper Maeil, Apple is putting in information requests for automotive parts and suppliers, while also establishing an internal research and development center. This includes hiring auto industry veteran Ulrich Kranz.

At this point, we’re just about convinced that Apple is actually going to release their own smart car, come hell oh high water. Though we remain skeptical on overall public acceptance. Even if they manage to release it, will anyone want it. What will it offer that other vehicles don’t? It won’t be a more appealing price point, that’s for sure.