Self-driving technology requires a deep and detailed look at the world around itself in order to function. But it doesn't have to horde that information for itself. One company wants to use augmented reality to display the world to the driver as well.

The idea comes from the AP-1, the second vehicle by Hong Kong startup company Apex Motors. The fully electric vehicle will feature an impressive technological system and lidar world tracker. This system will generate 3D models of the world around it in order to assist with self-driving technology.

But that's not the fun part. The vehicle also includes an Augmented Reality (AR) feature that can take the information provided by the world tracking system and generate a gamified view for the driver. It also will come with an AR race instructor who will teach the driver how to run the race track they're currently on. The AR game system only works on designated race tracks, of course. As much fun as racing a ghost would be down the freeway, the government wouldn't be fond of the idea.

Further details about the system, like operational locations, cost, and any actual imagery remain unseen. There remains a real possibility that the feature won't actually make it to production, after all. Either way, stay tuned for more information.