Go hard or go home, right? When it comes to electrification, it appears that Acura would rather go all in than waste time with a happy medium. The automaker recently announced plans to skip over hybrid development and go right into full electrics.

Acura Assistant Vice President of National Sales Emile Korkor recently had an interview with Automotive News. In it, they revealed that the brand is jumping right into the electrical deep end of development.

“We're going to bypass hybrids altogether. So our shift is going very rapidly into BEV. That's our main focus.”

They continue, explaining that EVs fit strongly into Acura’s performance focus. And that by 2030, they expect the powertrain to become 60% of the company’s sales.

That transition will begin fairly soon, too. The brand intends to launch an electric crossover by 2024, which lines up with a similar plan by parent company Honda, who are looking to release a Prologue EV that same model year.

Honestly, why not. Full electric seems to be the end-goal here. It makes sense to jump right into that instead of spending time and effort on hybrids.