Do you wish your Ford Festiva had a bit more traction? Do you need to move some heavy hauls while still keeping your cargo truck lightweight? Well, good news for local Wisconsinites, a six-wheeled Ford Festiva is up for sale.

Found by Jon M and reported by Jelopnik, this modified, now midsized pickup has an extra set of wheels added toward the back. Originally a hatchback, they also replaced the back half with a flatbed.

They couldn’t have picked a stranger model to modify. The Festiva, while under the Ford brand, was designed by Mazda and built by Kia. Depending on where in the world you lived, you might have seen it as the Kia Pride or the Mazda 121. And that was in its hatchback form. This example converted it into a flatbed pickup.

The further you stray from the original design, the more problems you’re likely to encounter. This remains true here. The vehicle still has the Mazda B3 1.3 liter inline four engine. As such, it’s only capable of around 63 horsepower. That’s fine for a compact car, but pretty weak for a pickup. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to have seen much combat, either. No rust is visible and the for sale sign indicates it only has 47,000 miles.

While our burning question of “why?” will remain unanswered, we’re glad we had the chance to see this unorthodox creation. And with an asking price of $6,500, it’s not a bad deal by pickup standards. It’s a bit out of our shopping distance, though.