At some point, it’s our fault for being surprised. Major electric vehicle automaker Tesla will be reportedly delaying the release of the Cybertruck into 2023.

According to a report by Reuters, who cite people familiar with the matter, the Cybertruck will not start production until the first quarter of 2023, leaving pre-order fulfillment to take place over a period of time following that. The claim is that this delay is due to a change in vehicle specs, improving on the Cybertrucks expected performance in order to compete with other market models.

With brands like Ford, GM, and Rivian all coming out with their own electric pickups, it makes sense that Tesla would be scared. The F-150 Lightning in particular has been taking the market by storm (ha, jokes) after all.

This also follows Tesla’s trend of delaying all of their products. Nearly every vehicle model they’ve announced has been delayed past their intended launch window. Originally, the Cybertruck was set to hit the streets in late 2022. CEO Elon Musk hinted at the delay, posting online that a new, four motor option was coming when three motor was their previous highest ratio.

As such, we can likely expect a change in price. Currently, the vehicle is being sold between $40k and $70k depending on driving range. With the webpage for the truck currently offline, there’s no certainty. We will likely learn more soon enough, though.

Tesla has an earnings call on January 26. We can expect to learn more about the model, including price, at that.