Lately, its been a slow wave of watching automakers make a proper commitment toward electric powertrains. But no one has gone quite as hard as Hyundai now has. The Korean brand is slamming the brakes on all their combustion engine systems and diverting all of that man power into EVs.

According to outlets Business Korea and the Korea Economic Daily, there was a large re-organization at the Namyang Research Institute a couple of weeks ago. This process included converting the “Powertrain Team” into the “Electrification Development Team.” This group will focus on research and development for future Hyundai product, presumably their powertrains. Additionally, the Engine Development Center has been converted into the Battery Development Center. Given the importance of batteries in an EV, we can see how one would become the other.

The re-organization also brought about various internal changes to the general flow of business, of course. The project development team and project management team have combined, for example. But these are less obviously indicative of Hyundai’s new intended direction.

Making a full commitment to EVs isn’t surprising. Nearly every automaker has already made a similar claim, some even going as far as to signal the end of their future with combustion engines. This includes Hyundai, too, who's shown an intent to transition. But this is the first time we’re seeing this transition happen with such abrupt force, to the point of cutting and repurposing their development teams, instead of waiting for a slow, smooth transition. Granted, this is from the development and research side of things. If they suddenly shut down their factories for EV manufacturing, that'd be a whole other surprise.