Lexus plans on introducing a self-driving system to their vehicles. And according to President Koji Sato, it'll be coming as soon as this year.

Sato recently spoke with Automotive News in an interview. In it, he revealed that Lexus is planning to release Level 2 self-driving capabilities on the LS flagship sedan. The running name of the system, which will operate on highways, is the Highway Teammate. It will be able to handle all highway activity, ranging from offramps to lane merging.

While the company is intending to offer this feature on all of their vehicles, it'll start with the LS. They also intend to eventually upgrade to Level 5 self-driving abilities, the highest and most self-sustainable level. Updates would occur through over-the-air updates.

According to Sato, the system will allow hands-off operation, while still requiring the driver to monitor the road and be able to take over in case of an emergency. It's not clear how, or if at all, the vehicle will know whether the driver is paying attention or not.

The feature will undoubtedly cost a fair price. Details like the release, price, and availability are currently unknown. Details about them will likely release soon enough.