Icon had a fair bit of fun when they revealed a Tesla-powered 1949 Mercury Coupe at SEMA this year. So much so that they also put an electric powertrain in a 1966 Fiat 500 Giardiniera.

Company founder Jonathan Ward recently published a video on YouTube showing off the gasless Giardiniera. When it had first rolled into their shop, it was notably worse for wear. The interior smelled horrible, the upholstery was awful, and it made an awfully large amount of noise.

But what fun is electrifying an old car if it looks new? Icon left the exterior unchanged, only replacing the cabin issues and the powertrain. Fortunately, the outside of the vehicle wasn't in that bad of shape. The upholstery was replaced with Marine-grade vinyl and a handful of bolts and parts were tightened or lubricated to eliminate and rattle and noise now noticeable without the combustion engine drowning it out.

The Giardiniera was given a total of six Tesla batteries, pushing out a combined 30 kwh. This gives it a per-charge range of around 120 miles. Icon installed coil over suspension with an improved rear transaxle and upgraded disc brakes to compensate for the newfound heft the batteries brought with them. With an unspecified motor system, the electric 500 Giardiniera has a final horsepower around 100.

Since it's not a manual, Icon had to design a new gearshift alternative. Now the client will be able to choose Reverse, Neutral, and Drive via a dial. They also replaced the ignition slot with a push button start system.

Don't expect this on the marketplace. It was a bespoke creator for a private client. Though if you happen to have your own classic junk car, I'm sure they'd be willing to make the conversion for the right price.