Jeeps may be a bastion of all-terrain transport, but that doesn't mean they can't still embrace the electric craze. The automaker has announced their plans to produce an electric Renegade at the same time as their plug-in hybrid Wrangler.

Officially titled the Jeep Renegade PHEV, it'll be produced at the Fiat Chrysler Melfi plant in Italy. The pre-production copies will arrive next year, with the final form hitting the market in 2020.

There has yet to be any official word as to if or when the vehicle will come to the United States. But when you look at the current market demand for electrics and hybrids, we'd be surprised if it DIDN'T make its way overseas. It also fits along with Jeep's five-year product plan to build Jeep vehicles with a front wheel drive architecture, allowing the rear wheels to be integrated with electric motors. The company is aiming to introduce eight new PHEV models to the states by 2022, including the Wrangler.

Assuming it performs well, then we approve.