There are fewer cars more famous than the DeLorean, the long-defunct vehicle model gathered global fame due to its role in Back to the Future. But the model might be making a comeback, again!

You might remember about four years ago when the DeLorean Motor Company claimed to be working on reviving the vehicle for the modern era. Nothing came of that, unfortunately. This is largely attributed to a complication regarding the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015, which regulated the production of vehicles that avoid modern safety regulations.

The issue was that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration never bothered actually setting what regulations would need to be followed. Until last October, that is, when the Specialty Equipment Market Association filed a lawsuit against the NHTSA that forced them to determine regulations.

According to a report by Hagerty, this event has opened a metaphorical door for DeLorean tp continue development and production on a modern vehicle model.

There is still much to be done if they want to release a new vehicle. This includes company comment periods, waiting periods, official reviews, and the regulations being set to law still. We likely won't hear more for at least six more months. Even if it does happen, expect a price up in the $100,000 range. We just hope it's worth the price and we aren't just paying for the novelty.

Regardless of the price, we know that the car would sell like hot cakes.