The Tesla Cybertruck has an unconventional design. That's for sure. But it still shares one aspect as many pickups do: it barely fits in a garage. And of course, there's an unorthodox answer. Introducing the Cybunker, an auxiliary garage built big enough for a Cybertruck.

Produced by research, development, and design company Lars Buro, the Cybunker is an "accessory dwelling unit" made to be sturdy, capable of withstanding some of the hardest weather. It's sleek, modern design and electric power system also make it an ideal home for a Cybertruck.

The structure comes with steel framing, armored windows, and even an airlock, should you desire it. Not to mention an internal battery system in the base of the bunker and a roof made of solar panels. The front wall and roof open up to allow vehicle access. In the back, the bunker offers 1,800 square feet of space for whatever you need, be it a party room or a small apartment.

All it's missing is plumbing. But it's possible that you could get that installed.

Lars Buro doesn't intend to leave this idea as just a concept. They fully intend to release construction contracts to the public. We don't know how much it would cost, but it certainly won't be cheap.