Any race car or exotic vehicle worth their salt probably has carbon fiber somewhere on its body. The material is lightweight and extremely strong. GMC wants to prove how effective carbon fiber is with their Sierra truck bed. How? By shooting couches, mailboxes, and more at it at hurricane-level speeds.

GMC's latest commercial shows off the Carbon Pro, a carbon fiber truck bed option for the Sierra full-size pickup. Instead of your standard commercial showing bricks and lumber being dropped into the bed near a construction site, they chose to highlight it's durability by hanging a truck bed up and firing random household objects at it at high speeds.

While developing the bed, the automaker went to Miami, Florida to see how hurricane-force winds would turn everyday objects into dangerous projectiles. Their bed was then sent to California for extensive testing.

Don't expect a truck bed like this to come easily, though. The Carbon Pro is limited to the Sierra 1500 Crew Cab AT4 and Denali models with short boxes. The two examples cost $61,905 and $71,450, respectively. Considering the base Sierra only costs $31,195, that's a harsh price spike.

But then again, the base Sierra probably can handle having a couch launched at it.