Nissan released a lot of new information and photos regarding the new 2013 Altima today. With that they also mentioned that the Altima Coupe will stay in production through 2013 and that it will be re designed for the 2014 model year, see below:

We can expect two other variants of the Nissan Altima to appear over the next few years. For one, Nissan tells us that the current Altima coupe will go on sale unchanged for 2013, which might mean a redesigned version of the two-door will arrive a year or so from now. In addition, we're told we can expect a hybrid version at some point in the future. Nissan has already shown off its new supercharged hybrid drivetrain in Japan, and it's a solid bet that setup will appear in an Altima within the next year or two. Given the lofty fuel-economy predictions for the current non-hybrid model, we're sure any new Altima hybrid will be extremely economical.