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180sx clone 1989 Nissan 240sx

Ride Description

its my daily driver and project car. i just repurchased the car from thye car lot i traded it in for a 99 deville. i was driving down the road and saw it was up for sale so i had to get it back. i was pissed when i got rid of it the first time. it ran like a dog when i test drove it but a week later i got all the problems worked out of it. this time i'm not gettin rid of it.

rogerntara's comments

David posted on: 02:17 PM - 6/11/2010
That's a pretty nice body style for an 89. What kind of engine were you going to put in?

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Ride Specs

Car Crank HP: 165
Car Wheel HP: 140
Car Transmission: Manual
Car Drivetrain:
Current Mods

so far i've tinted all the lenses and put on the jdm yellow headlights. the suspension is fully adjustable. i have strut tower bars on both the front and back. it has the sleepy eye mod done to it with a switch for the lit sleepy eyes. i had a flip out dvd player in it right now but am replacing it with a double din clarion cd player because the audio in the dvd player went out on it. go figure its a dual brand. its strange because i've never had a problem with the previous dual dvd players i've ever owned.

Future Mods

future mods i plan on doin is a motor swap, a widebody kit, jdm 180sx taillights, targa top, sileighty conversion, etc. in a month i am putting on the front bumper from a 91 240sx. it all comes down to time and money. the first one i've got plenty of, the second not so much.

Money Spent on Mods

Less than $500