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KnightRider 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe 3.5SE

Ride Description

Altima Coupe was purchased in August 2008. Many many modifications!

It's making 350whp on a low reading Mustang Dyno which equates to around 385whp on a Dynojet which is 430hp at the crank considering 12% drivetrain loss.

See mods on the right. ->

David's comments

jdmlover6 posted on: 08:19 PM - 6/9/2010
yeah dude they beat Si's they got the same engine but weigh 2500 instead of like 3200 or so.
rell595 posted on: 04:32 AM - 6/9/2010
dude i love you car

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Forum Name: David

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Ride Specs

Car Crank HP: 430
Car Wheel HP: 350
Car Transmission: Manual
Car Drivetrain: FWD
Current Mods

- SFR Turbo Kit w/EVC
- HLSD Swapped from Sentra
- Custom 3" Exhaust w/Magnaflow Muffler & Nismo Tips
- UpRev Tuned
- AEM A/F Wideband
- Dashcommand App w/iPad Mini
- Stillen Underdrive Pulley
- Racingline Front/Rear Endlinks
- Racingline Strut Bar
- RacingLine Traction Rods
- Stillen Rear Sway Bar
- Megan Racing Coilovers
- Stillen Body Kit
- Orange/White Interior LED's
- Matt Black Sprayed Tails
- Mustache & Headlight Overlays
- 18" Tenzo Type M Wheels
- Falken FK 452 Tires

Future Mods

- JimWolf Tech Clutch
- JimWolf Tech Flywheel
- Akebono BBK
- Engine Rebuild
- Larger Turbo

Money Spent on Mods