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Rexus 1998 Lexus GS400

Ride Description

By chance looking for a 'new' used car on Craig's, I came across a few Lexus GS400s, never looking at them twice before. Drove this one and decided despite the 245,000 miles, I would have it.

* My first V8, 'sports luxury' RWD car I've personally owned
* 300hp 4.0L V8 - back in '97 when it was relased, Toyota claimed it was the fastest production sedan; 0-60mph in ~5.8 sec
* I've put > 12,000 miles on it since Sep '13, now sitting at 257k miles.
* 17" factory chrome wheels
* Limo tint (previous owner)

I clocked it from 5-60mph at around 6.1 seconds. Not bad for a 16 year old 3700lbs barge with 250k miles!

CoupeVQ35cvt's comments

Dennis72 posted on: 04:31 AM - 6/10/2010
Don't sweat inspection just use 89 or 91 octane the week b4 inspection they never look under the car unless u give them a reason
David posted on: 04:23 AM - 6/9/2010
1 more post for ya fellow horsey lover. :)
David posted on: 04:23 AM - 6/9/2010
Horses Rock!

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Ride Specs

Car Crank HP: 300
Car Wheel HP: 230
Car Transmission: Automatic
Car Drivetrain: RWD
Current Mods

Megan EZ Street coilovers
Rear Muffler delete

Future Mods

New custom exhaust

Money Spent on Mods

Less than $500