The Honda Accord is one of the most well-known vehicles there is. It's grown to become the standard image of the sedan. You see them absolutely everywhere. The Accord isn't exciting but it's reliable. It's the missionary position of vehicles, so to speak. While one might assume it has been selling well. As it turns out, it isnt.

According to reports (pun intended), dealers are finding themselves with many more of the model than expected. Honda’s only sold 37,430 Accords, a 12.9-percent decrease. You might think this is just a general loss of interest in sedans, but Toyota has sold 55,503 Camrys in this time while Nissan sold 39,888 Altimas.

The current suspect for this change is Honda's new lease deals. Financing an Accord currently costs you more in the end than its competition. A 36-month lease on a base Honda Accord cost $249 a month with $3,199 down. While a Camry could be yours for only $219 a month with $1,999 down.

When asked about this, Honda responded accordingly.

“Honda is pleased with the growing market share and top transaction prices that the all-new 2018 Honda Accord is garnering in its segment. We continue to work collaboratively with our dealer partners and appreciate our ongoing dialogue with them to ensure the overall value proposition with each of our products is competitive in the marketplace.”

About as vague of a response as expected. The situation remains uncertain. But if sales don't improve, we might see some incentives offered.