Emojis, the small image-based characters often used in texting, are a big example of how language evolves with newer generations. But they're not contained to just a teenager's social media. A new piece of legislation in Vermont might allow drivers to add Emojis to their license plates.

You read that right. The bill was introduced by Representative Rebecca White and is being presented to the Virginia House of Delegates. If accepted, it would allow local drivers to add one of six predetermined Emojis to their license plate in addition to the standard numbers and letters assigned by the local DMV.

To be clear, the characters would not be interchangeable with letters or numbers, but as a decorative image add-on. The emojis would be treated in essentially the same way as when other States offer their local sports emblem or military branch emblem.

This would make Vermont the first North American state to allow these characters. The legislation doesn't mention which six Emojis were chosen, if at all. It also doesn't state the price difference of including these images. If it's considered a Vanity plate, then it'd cost $48.00 annually.

Personally, I'd not go through the extra effort to add Emojis to my car like this. But I'm sure that there are people out there that would be excited about this change. And if they're happy, who am I to judge?