Not all beauty has to be smooth and sleek bodies. There's something equally astounding to mad max levels of chopped-and-screwed, and this 1967 Ford Mustang is an amazing example of that.

This monster is the creation of Canadian craftsman, Kyle Scaife. His inspiration came from a 1971 Plymouth in his father's fabrication shop. It was a Barracuda with a Viper's V10 engine in front. This gave him the idea of creating his own Franken-Car of power.

So what does he do? Scaife finds a 1967 Ford Mustang, butchers it to pieces, and throws it onto a Corvette C5’s running gear. So while it may look like a Mustang, technically its as much a Corvette. The brakes, torque tube, transmission, and even part of the suspension all come from the Corvette. This isn't to take away from the number of unique parts, like the Texas Speed and Performance camshaft and a Holley Mid Ram intake. This conglomeration of car parts has an estimated Horsepower of 420. This is without supercharging, which Scaife is currently considering.

Some people will look at this vehicle, and consider it an abomination. Personally, I think its a fantastic display of someone loving what they do. How can anyone hate a passion project?