Are you an obnoxious truck owner? Do you have a legitimate need for a raised vehicle? Do you care about your vehicle's warranty? If you said yes to any of these questions, then I have news for you. Nissan has announced an aftermarket lift kit for the Titan.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics has developed a lift kit that can raise a Titan by 3 inches using only bolt-on parts. Due for sale in the spring, Nissan dealers will be able to install the kit on Titans and Titan XDs in around 4 hours. The best part: it’s OEM-approved, so the installation won't void your warranty.

Billy Hayes, Nissan’s head of trucks, said the following in a release.

“We worked with ICON, a proven name in suspension lift-kit engineering, to develop the first kits to be offered through our Nissan dealer network. They came back to us with a kit that is easy to install, maintains TITAN and TITAN XD’s impressive factory payload and towing capabilities, and allows the trucks to be returned to stock for resale or end-of-lease return.”

The kit will feature adjustable coil-over shocks, heavy-duty ball joints, and custom rod end bearings. No cutting or drilling is required. This will improve the Titan's handling, wheel travel, and damping ability.

No pricing has been announced yet, but we expect it soon considering its coming in the spring.