Depending on your age and upbringing, you might have fond memories of racing slot cars as a child. Others will only really recognize the concept of child-friendly amusement park attractions. Its concept is simple, small vehicles aligned with grooves in the floor, which power them. Sweden has taken the idea out of a kid's daydream and given it a real-life application, to charge electric vehicles.

Dubbed the eRoadArlanda, a 1.2 mile stretch of road has been opened up by the Swedish Transportation Agency. It applies the railing concept of slot cars and embeds them into the pavement to charge electric cars. Stretching between Stockholm Arlanda airport and the Rosersberg logistics site, a modified PostNord mail truck will be the track's first subject.

All issues have been considered when in development, with rain and water being drained away with proper drainage systems, and contact arms to dissuade debris. Everything to ensure a stable energy current. The contact arm itself will be retractable, sensing the end and beginning of the track, and retreating into the vehicle when not in use.

This is another effort made by the country to reduce the world's dependency on fossil fuels while advancing their own electric infrastructure.

If you're more of a bumper car kind of person, Sweden has your back still. They recently developed what they call the e-way, a highway with overhead powerlines that vehicles (mainly electric semis) can connect to. This gives them a charge while on those long treks, much in the same way bumper cars work.