Steeda may not be a name you know, but the work they've done is nothing short of impressive. They consider themselves the number one Ford tuner and are looking to prove it with their latest endeavor, the Q500 Enforcer.

The Q500 Enforcer is a modified Ford V8 Mustang that has been given a European touch to kick out 480 horsepower, a good 70 more than the stock vehicle. This is primarily thanks to the tuned engine mapping, a new intake system, and a custom exhaust. Though we haven't forgotten the modified suspension, which has thicker anti-roll bars and custom springs. Steeda spoke about the importance of this change.

“The result is a lowered stance, designed to offer the comfort of the factory car with improved turn-in, a much more planted rear end and a noticeable reduction in wheel hop and deflection that can affect the standard Mustang.”

This is further solidified by the 20-inch wheels, made of a lighter material as to not add unnecessary pounds.

You can commission Steeda to build you an Enforcer of your own. the modifications cost around $12,000, not including the donor car. Add that to the cost of a normal Mustang, and it totals out around $65,000. If you want to add to the number, Steeda has a number of optional extras, such as adjustable dampers, and a stronger 6-speed manual.

There's something lovely about a modified Mustang, and the Q500 Enforcer might be my favorite one yet,