After spending ages waiting for the new Toyota Supra, the only thing keeping me from believing it's been abandoned is the fact that we keep seeing prototypes pop up every so often. Even so, scattered sightings make for poor faith for the model line.

Last we heard, the Supra was going to be part of Toyota's new Gazoo Racing division of performance cars, except that it remained unseen when the division was announced. The Supra was also entirely absent from the Tokyo Motor Show, a place where you'd expect a Japanese carmaker to want to show off such a sports car. With the Detroit Auto Show having just taken place, hopes of seeing the Supra remained weak, but still alive. Only for my hopes to be shattered once again once I found that it remained unseen.

Currently, the Toyota Supra is rumored to be seen at the Geneva Motor Show taking place this March. According to insider claims by AutoExpress, the new Supra is being developed in partnership with BMW and will be unveiled in 4 variations: base, Supra GR, GR Sport, and Supra GRMN. Each option to vary in performance and price. All of them are expected to be running a six-cylinder engine, however.

Most interesting is the claim that the Supra will not be sold under the Toyota umbrella but under the Gazoo Racing brand. Even with a reportedly soon premiere, we won't see the Supra until the back half of 2019.

Keep in mind that Toyota remains open to the idea of a different name, so come its release, it might not even be called the Supra. Regardless of the name, I just want the vehicle out.