The East African Safari Classic Rally is a common proving grounds for rally racers. Though with any rally, the vehicles racing takes a heavy toll on their performance. Rally racer Stig Blomqvist and co-driver Mattias Adielsson felt that first hand with their Porsche.

The Porsche experienced a mechanical failure during the 2017 EASR. This led to the entire removal of the car's engine and transmission systems.

The vehicle was towed to the mechanic crew, who were ready and waiting. In a show of skills, they decided to record themselves making the replacement. True mastery can be seen at work here as the crew worked their strength, mind, and wrenches.

With some positioning adjustments, the crew raised the rear of the car and installed a new engine and transmission. The entire endeavor managed to only take around 11 minutes.

It's not as simple as bolting on the new engine and transmission, with the process comes a fair number of hoses, lines, and shafts that need to be reconnected and adjusted, and fluids to be controlled and restored. This required speed, skill, and safety.

Even if you think you're fast on repairs, this video is a statement of humility.