Nissan unveiled a new concept at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show today, and its unlike anything we've seen from them before. They call it the Xmotion Concept (pronounced "Cross Motion").

This advances looking SUV has 3 rows of seats, capable of seating 6 overall. It sports "tool-inspired" wheels and all-terrain tires that Nissan says will “coexist as one piece, with the tire tread physically laminated over the 21-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.” As cool as that sounds, it's mostly market talk to me.

The Xmotion features more digital screens than you can count on one hand, unless you have 7 fingers, that is. All of these screens are tied to the vehicle's infotainment system. Nissan says that the system can be operated via gestures and eye movements, though I will remain skeptical of its effectiveness until I see it with my own eyes.

Sci-fi aside, the minimalistic cabin is where the weirdness roams free. Triangles are cut out of the seat's structures to give the style of a modern club, and the doors open away from each other, like that of a wardrobe. I can't imagine a more grand entrance to a scene than bursting out of these doors.

Being a concept, we don't get to know much about the "under the hood" aspects, and it's not something that we as a consumer will be able to purchase at a future date. All the while, this was an interesting creation to bestow. I like it, at least.