You know what's cool these days? Video games. NASCAR wants to be cool, which is why they are finalizing a venture into "eSports." They may begin hosting tournaments as soon as this year.

For those unfamiliar, eSports is a term used to represent when video games are played at a competitive level. This usually is done with strategy and fighting games. One example is Mortal Kombat. Tournaments, complete with prize money, have been growing increasingly common over the last 15 years.

NASCAR has been looking for ways to get a foot in on this industry with NASCAR Heat, the brand's video game service. Since many professional racers already use simulations in order to practice, NASCAR believes that incorporating the video games themselves is a fluid decision.

This isn't the first time the auto industry has associated with video games. Last year, Nissan invited a professional gamer to operate their GT-R with a PlayStation controller in commemoration of an upcoming video game release.