McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is what I like to call "extra." There's always more that they could do to something, and I love it.

This time they're here with new parts and options for the 570GT and 570S McLaren Sports Series cars. Now you have access to the "Defined Black" package, and a new titanium SuperSports exhaust good for 11 pounds less weight.

The Defined Black package is a fancy way of saying "new external cosmetics." This option will coat a black hue overtop of your standard grey color on various pieces. Specifically, the front splitter, front aero blades, side skirts and side air intakes, door inserts, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and rear bumper will get this work done to them. If you also get the super exhaust mentioned before, that has a Nano Black color option, as well.

The SuperSports exhaust will provide a cleaner, crisper exhaust tone that's most noticeable above 5,000 rpm. As a result, the system will also be about 5 decibels louder. Good thing it will sound better then.

What good is an upgrade if it doesn't contain carbon fiber in some way? The extended carbon package adds in carbon fiber finishes to the McLaren branding and sill covers. This will even come with custom ignition keys to top things off.

Unfortunately, the only thing we know the pricing for right now is the exhaust option, which will tack an additional $6,500 to the cost of a 570S or 570GT of your choice.