When you're wealthy and powerful enough you can have whatever you want, even if it's fictional. This Malaysian sultan was given a real-life Flintstones "car." Though this one has an engine to save him from having to run.

This vehicle was a late birthday gift to Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar of Johor by one of his royal associates. This car is a strikingly accurate recreation of the cars from the classic T.V. show, The Flintstones, which is the sultan's favorite cartoon. The vehicle was also fitted with a proper engine, transmission, and all that so that it may be driven as normal.

Most appropriately, it will reside in a house built in the southern coastal town of Mersing that is also based on the style of the 1960s cartoon.

I can't imagine having the resources or connections to have gifts like that given to me. Though I can't deny that it's a creative and thoughtful gift.