My car film of 2017 absolutely went to "Baby Driver." It was a fast and exciting movie that works music into cinematics. The lead character was a driver with the nickname "Baby," who is played by Ansel Elgort. Using one of the film's vehicles (that he owns), Elgort decided to have some vehicular fun of his own in the New York snow.

Six red Subaru WRX sedans were used during the making of "Baby Driver." Only one of which featured rear wheel drive. This version would go on to an eBay auction to sell for around $70,000. One of the others was gifted to the actor after hefty pleading for it. Elgort received extensive stunt driving training prior to the production of the movie, and you can see that in this video as he seamlessly drifts donuts in the snow.

You can see the short video of the action yourself in a Twitter post by Ansel Elgort himself.