A number of Japanese mod shops have been gaining popularity for their unique and interesting kits. This time we are seeing a very American modification come from TRA-Kyoto with their Pandem line. The shop is best known for their Rocket Bunny line, but the item of interest is their Pandem Wide-Body F-150 Raptor kit.

Much like Red Vines candy, some will love this while others swear its made to upset people. What we are seeing now it's purely a render, but its due for a live debut at the Toyo Tires booth at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon.

Like modern art, the sight of this interesting kit both confuses and excites me. Its a demanding remix of an already demanding vehicle. This is the truck equivalent to when a sleek Lamborghini is modified to be 6 inches lower than it once was. It's probably just as much of a blast to drive.