In an interesting take on robotics, Honda has unvealed 4 new robot concepts at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. The 3E-A18, 3E-B18, 3E-C18, and 3E-D18 are simple robots, each made to serve a specific purpose.

The 3E-D18 is an autonomous ATV. Referred to as a work horse, this vehicle was envisioned to help with search and rescue, firefighting, and agricultural duties. Honda says it can be outfitted to suit its needs.

The 3E-C18 is essentially a smart table. This robot was intended to serve as an example of how humans and robots work together. Imagine a hotdog stand that could figure out what you wanted for you. Though you wont see this on the streets of New York, but more likely in high end gatherings.

The 3E-B18 is a personal mobility robot. This one is designed for casual and indoor use. It's intended to be able to transport you as you need, regardless of environment or the users abilities. Electric wheelchairs don't stand a chance.

And my personal favorite, the 3E-A18. Honda's "empathy" robot, this little guy is supposed to understand and empathize with humans. The ability to read human emotion while communicating could serve as an effective guide or assistant in places such as airports and tourist attractions. The robot even has a "soft skin" good for hugging, if you need one.

I can only hope these lovely robots make their way to modern society, especially the last one.