BMW is looking to take over the Guinness World Record for the longest-distance drift in eight hours, and they're looking to get silly with it.

A common problem with this challenge is fuel. While the rules allow for stopping to refuel, that's time lost. Most challenge vehicles are equipped with super large fuel tanks. BMW decided to take it a different direction, and in association with Detroit Speed came up with their own idea: mid-drift refueling.

Driver Johan Schwartz will be driving a 2018 BMW M5 as he drifts in a large circular road constantly coated in water. Schwartz was the previous record holder, returning to reclaim the record.

Schwartz's M5 has been modified with a custom fuel cell in place of a back seat. BMW's plan is to, while drifting, have another vehicle with a special nozzle drift up to the challenge car and inject fuel into this cell, transferring 15 to 18 gallons of fuel.

Drifting up to a drifting vehicle in order to enable it to drift more. Fast and Furious didn't get this wacky with their drifts. Regardless, I love it.

BMW will release footage of the record attempt on January 9, We won't know how well this silly setup performs until then.


The record attempt has been published, with video footage! There was a total of 4 refuel attempts within the 8 hour span. The previous record was 89.55 miles, BMW has bested this record with a whooping 232.5 miles! Congratulations to driver Johann and BMW for this amazing feat.