Convertable vehicles aren't as popular as they used to be. Consumers are far more interested in convenient utilitarian vehicles now. Though there's still something about that topless ride that feels good. This is why Modena, Italy based coachbuilder Ares Design has converted a Tesla Model S.

Little details have been released outside of sketched and concept art. If previous Ares projects are any indication, this will be more than a simply top-chop. The firm plans to let their specialists loose on the cabin to create an even more luxurious interior.

This conversion is more challenging than one may think. Vehicles that don't intend to have a drop top tend to look bloated and hunched when you add one. Restyling will most likely be necessary to keep the car from looking like big, metallic bloomers. I trust Ares will be able to do it justice, however.

Noticeably, the coachbuilder has removed the rear doors, converting it into a coup. This is a great indicator that they will be treating the vehicle with the effort it deserves for such a transformation.

No availability date has been announced, nor a price. We estimate that the tag will sit around the same as their other Model S projects: $250,000 to $310,000.