Aside from other drivers, potholes remain to be the most common nuisance on the road. The jarring feeling of being shaken about while also risking damage to your car can be enough to sour anyone's mood and instill a new sense of resentment toward your government. But what if drones could fix them?

Engineers and scientists at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom are experimenting with the idea of using drones to patch up the road "on the fly." There will be one drone to scan the local area for cracks and potholes, while another would be sent to repair any found issues. The repair process would reportedly take mere minutes, a drastic improvement over the long and tedious process of using multi-man crews.

UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is providing a $6.5 million grant toward the development of this project. This is only part of a $32.5 million grant dedicated toward more expansive city improvements, such as tall streetlight repair and robots living inside utility pipes to perform on-site repairs.

The program is still very much a work in progress, however. The development team cannot provide estimations such as proper production or actual repair times. I, myself, can't imagine a drone capable of carrying enough asphalt to repair a pothole, that stuff isn't light!