Pedestrians walking through Cobo Hall for the Detroit Auto Show might catch their eye on a strange sight, a beast encased in a gigantic block of resin. Not a dinosaur, but a 1979 Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Mercedes-Benz decided to celebrate the production of the 2019 G-Class by paying a timeless tribute to the G-Class series. Intended to recreate the phenomenon of Jurrasic age insects being perfectly preserved in resin, the monument shows you what to modern G-Class "evolved" from.

The resin block measures at 18 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 10 feet tall. Mercedes-Benz stated that the display took over 3 months to complete, using 49 tons of synthetic resin.

It's interesting to see the differences between the 1979 model and the 2019 model, which was debuted at the very same auto show. While most of the styling remains the same, small changes such as headlight size and a smoother body can be distinguished.

That's only outside, under the body lies some significant improvements. A new ladder frame chassis can be found with an independent front suspension. The body's material is a mix of aluminum and steel, and the inside cabin is one of modern luxury. Its classiness doesn't diminish its tough demeanor either. The 2019 G-Class features a live rear axle, 4 wheel drive, and 3 differential locks.

life.. uh.. finds a way.